Current members

Nabila BOUATIA-NAJI : Group leader



Ines SAYOUD-SADEG: Ph.D candidate

Lu LIU: Ph.D candidate, CSC fellowship

Background. Lu joined the team to pursue a PhD in the functional study of FMD and SCAd GWAS loci. She holds a Master degree from University in China. 



Background. Takiy holds a PhD in genetic epidemiology. His research interest is the application and development of statistical methods for genetic and biological questions. He enjoys an interdisciplinary work environment. During his previous experience in cancer genetics, and now in the cardiovascular genetics filed, he applied statistical genetics and computational knowledge to perform GWAS, genetic correlation, polygenic risk scores, among other methodology to study the genetics of FMD and SCAD. 



Background. From a chemistry/biophysics background, I started to study cellular biology during my PhD. I worked on a transcription factor acting as a master regulator in an ovarian cell lineage, in the context of ovarian development and cancer. This led me to learn more about cell differentiation, genomics and the development of epigenetics, which have been my main interests ever since. I then made a post-doc about the coupling of transcription with DNA repair. My current focus is on characterizing genetic loci involved in fibromuscular dysplasia, trying to link single nucleotide variants to phenotypes.





Former members :

Sergiy KYRYACHENKO: Postdoc (2017-2020), currently researcher private sector

Mengyo YU: PhD student (2015-2019), currently a postdoc at Stanford, California, USA

Thomas CLOATRE: Engineer in molecular and cell biology (2017-2019)

Romain GLANDIER: statistical analyst (2018-2019), currently a computational biologist Marie-Caroline DELEBEQUE: ethics and clinical research manager (2018)

Siying HUANG, Postdoc (2016-2018), currently Data scientist private sector 

Soto Romuald KIANDO: PhD student (2013-2016), currently financial risk analyst



Dana FEDERICI: Master 2 student Magistère de génétique, Paris Descartes 

Pascal TCHELOUGOU: international (Togo), visiting PhD Student (2016)

Zaynab ALSALMAN: Master 2 internship (2017), Université Paris Diderot

Jenifer ASSOULINE: Master 1 (2017), Université Paris Descartes

Liliang ZHANG: Fresh student, (2017), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Siham BENNIS: BSc intern (2015-2016), Université de Poitier

June PARK : Senior student (2016)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Giulia HARDUOIN: Master 1 student (2015), Université Paris Descartes






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